Chef Christopher Covelli

Award-winning executive chef Christopher Covelli’s career has spanned seven different countries and he brings authenticity to every dish, creating the ultimate dining experience for guests.

About The Chef

A native New Yorker, Chef Covelli is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute in New York City, and was groomed by world-renowned chefs including Andre Soltner, Jacques Pepin and Alain Saihac. He’s hosted seven James Beard dinners in New York and his career spans across seven different countries. His culinary specialties span Classic French, Italian, Spanish and American haute cuisine.

Just as his menu changes, Covelli said he sees food trends change weekly. “These days steelhead trout is popular and octopus is making a big comeback either broiled, marinated, in a terrine, as Carpaccio, or charred. But I find the biggest trend is people are moving away from fat again. It’s a real issue because fat equals flavor. I can tell you if you drink heavy cream, it’s easier to digest than low fat milk.”